RXESS-12 Series Solid Insulated Fully Enclosed Ring Network Cabinet

  In order to meet the growing demand of China's domestic and foreign 10kV power distribution equipment market, Ruixien Electric (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. has launched a new generation of environmentally friendly solid-insulated vacuum ring main unit by combining domestic and international advanced technology and the company's product design concepts of "Safety, Reliability, Intelligence and Environmental Protection" for electric power equipments.Ruixien Ruixien -12 solid insulated vacuum ring main unit is a new type of power distribution automation switchgear integrating three safe and reliable technologies, namely, vacuum breakout and arc extinguishing, epoxy resin and silicone rubber solid insulation, and pre-assembled insulated closed busbar.

  RXESS-12 series solid insulated fully enclosed ring main unit designed and manufactured by RXESS Electric Company uses all recyclable and non-polluting solid insulating materials, which will not emit any asphyxiating gases and toxic substances during normal operation and switching arc extinguishing, and no greenhouse gases or toxic gases will be released into the atmosphere, and the three-phase split solid insulated design has the following features The three-phase split solid insulation design, which has the technical characteristics of high insulation performance, small size, maintenance-free, etc., realizes the green environmental protection product with zero emission and zero pollution in the real sense.

Product Features

▪ Adopting miniaturized, modular and standardized design scheme, different
switch unit modules can be easily installed, replaced and maintained on

▪ All high-voltage charged bodies in the cabinet are sealed in epoxy resin
insulating sleeves or silicone rubber, and fully sealed solid insulation.

▪ Pre-installed single-phase solid-sealed poles and solid-insulated busbars
are designed to avoid the possibility of phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground

▪ The three stations of isolation knife switch operation, isolation and
grounding are visually designed, and the auxiliary lighting device is provided
through the observation window at the front of the ring main unit···

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