Is your business facing the same issues

It is difficult to summarize the data and information that leaders are concerned about, requiring layers of manual summarization and lagging data

Unstandardized and variable business management processes that make it inefficient and difficult to clarify responsibilities

Financial and operational data do not correspond, let alone information sharing, resulting in deviations in the control of project funds and the actual operations.

It is difficult to form a timely and reasonable deployment of materials and personnel among project departments; it is difficult for the headquarters to grasp and control the cost consumption of its subordinate project departments in a timely manner.

  • Dynamic control of profit and loss, cost control on the line

    Costs in real time to see, the cost details can be clearly checked, cost management, control project costs.

  • Strict quality and safety control to avoid accidents

    Inspectors found that after the problem, immediately sent to the relevant personnel rectification to improve the rectification of the time limit, the system automatically analyzes the project inspection, rectification of the completion of the situation, to avoid the risk of law and order.

  • Approvals are fully online and easier to manage

    Employees say goodbye to running signatures, online can complete the approval process, leaders say goodbye to on-site signatures, online can complete the approval flow.

  • Keep on top of progress, less overruns

    Multi-dimensional progress analysis, real-time control of project risks, real-time progress updates, prevention of project overruns, timely feedback on construction progress, at any time to grasp the real situation on site.

Rooted down and growing up

Zhuhai RuiXiN Power Technology Co., Ltd. always put the practical implementation of the national digital strategy development as the goal, continue to plough power intelligence, digitalization, centralized technology applications, the digital twin technology and visualization combined with

By means of digital visualization of power equipment simulation, monitoring, analysis and control, is committed to providing advanced, reliable and practical software and hardware products for the first-line maintenance, operation and maintenance of electric power.

Synchronize the progress of labor with the process of settlement and payment, and control the over-volume and over-calculation, so that the payment of labor can be based on evidence

Ruiyuntong realizes the full life cycle management of payment, on-line management of every labor contract and visa, which makes labor management more convenient and efficient, and the fine management and control of labor outside the contract, which gives the management a grip and the basis for settlement; it manages the measurement and settlement of labor, avoids the settlement risk, and effectively reduces the cost loss!

Labor payment corresponds to the contract, invoice, contract execution order, risk warning, convenient traceability, so that labor payment is more efficient and safe!

Timely understanding of the project materials purchased, whether the use of over-quantity, over-price, timely warning, the cost control of the

The material plan regulates the material procurement behavior and enhances the planning control; the material early warning is monitored in real time, and the whole stage is managed in a standardized way to ensure that the audit process is carried out in an efficient way.

Multi-dimensional data report analysis by supplier, contract, time, performance, inventory, etc., to grasp the dynamics of project materials in an all-round way. All project data can be organized and analyzed, and enterprises can realize a variety of custom queries and combined queries, such as by project, by time, and by material varieties, and combined理分析物资的成本发生状况。

Control contract performance risks and make contract process management transparent

It realizes full-cycle electronic management from contract establishment to settlement, and focuses on the business management process by integrating functions such as basic project information, contract ledger management, and payment and receipt management.

With fund management as the core and contract management as the main line, it realizes the business management of the enterprise through a variety of methods such as query, statistical analysis and early warning reminders, and helps the enterprise to manage the contract progress, contract changes, contract information and so on in a more organized and integrated manner.


It is used to realize the integration of enterprise processes and help enterprise management from complexity to simplicity. This improves the work and construction efficiency of enterprises and reduces management costs.

  • Vetting

    Statistics and organize the work content of the documents to be approved by me, combined with the workbench to be done, enterprise employees can more quickly arrange their work, which in turn improves the speed of business processing, the leader to say goodbye to the on-site signature, online can complete the approval process.

  • Mission Statistics

    Statistics of all pending tasks, organizing the status of tasks not in progress, in progress, expected, completed, etc., to achieve systematic management of tasks.


    As the company grows, the performance status of each department becomes more and more complicated. In this case, an effective monitoring system is needed in order to reflect the performance status of each department. The performance system of Ruiyuntong's Digital Collaboration Platform System for Installation Engineering enables companies to achieve this.

  • Data for all your reporting needs

    System business data all-round analysis, leadership personal assistant, a clear understanding of income and expenditure, and can query to each income and expenditure details.

  • Visual data summaries

    It is an important means to analyze the business situation, collect, summarize and calculate statistical data to reflect the business status and improve the project management level through visual data analysis.


    Computers generate exhaustive records and statistical analysis of information throughout the business process, making decision-making more scientific and purposeful.

  • Analyze project data

    Through statistical analysis of data, calculation of statistical data to reflect the business status of the enterprise, in the project management to make full use of statistical analysis for decision-making level to provide timely, accurate and effective statistical analysis information.

  • Project profit and loss

    From the size of the project, it can reflect the size of the project's assets, the size of the personnel, each project, can reflect the human, financial and material inputs and profit and loss growth or decline.

    • Automatic data aggregation and summary

      Relevant data is automatically aggregated and summarized and supports traceability, reducing personnel costs and improving work efficiency by 40%.

    • Settlement data control

      Control payments through settlement data, automatically summarize available funds for projects and historical payments from vendors, and improve financial efficiency by 60%.

    • Control at the source and save costs

      Based on the material budget, control the demand, purchase and use of materials from the source, and reduce the material cost by 5%. The project output value is calculated at 10 million dollars, and the cost saving is 500,000 dollars.

    • Data linkage for efficiency

      Data linkage, business processing direct call, work efficiency increased by 80%.

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