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Manual handheld infrared probe site survey

Handheld thermal imaging equipment is used to regularly inspect heavy loads and old distribution transformers for temperature measurement.

Due to the staffing of agricultural power employees, it is often not possible to carry out temperature measurement and inspection of distribution transformers in remote areas on time

Handheld temperature measurement has a blind spot, the oil temperature on top of the distribution transformer, the cable overlap surface, porcelain vases and other places prone to faults can not be detected and inspected.

During major festivals and power load surges, it is impossible to sense the operating temperature of distribution stations in real time, which poses a potential risk to the safety and reliability of power supply.

Temperature measurement and inspection data are recorded manually, unable to form effective big data for station situation analysis

Deficiencies of pre-embedded temperature sensors

New procurement of oil-immersed column transformers with built-in temperature sensors can only detect the internal oil temperature, the top of the transformer in and out of the pole column lap surface heat, foreign body intrusion caused by short-circuiting and vandalism and other abnormal faults

Increased oil leakage and failure potential points

Prone to false and missed equipment faults

Does not have the visualization facilities monitoring function, the surrounding environment and cable overlap surface and other temperature can not be detected

Early detection, early warning, early disposal

Relying on years of power industry digital application research and development experience, in order to solve the deficiencies in the operation and maintenance of transformers on power distribution network columns, Ruixien Electric (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. strengthens the digital expression of electric power equipment through the seamless combination of Ruixien 's digital software and hardware technologies. The use of artificial intelligence, edge computing technology and the deep integration of the actual work of the grassroots of electric power, to realize the digitalization of the distribution network column transformer operation and maintenance scene, to enhance the ability to deal with equipment failures and emergency events. Launched the first domestic RXETAD-200 type cloud-edge fusion bispectral imaging auxiliary monitoring device for distribution network column transformers based on cloud-edge fusion technology, realizing real-time cloud interconnection of distribution network column transformers, intelligent analysis of data, agile anomaly alarms, and real-time plotting of column transformer temperature change trend charts, analyzing the operating status of the equipment, and comprehensive safety inspection, so as to achieve early detection and early warning, Early detection, early warning, early disposal.

The system utilizes digital twin technology to realize multi-dimensional analysis, diagnosis and evaluation of the operational health status of column transformers. Convenient operation and maintenance management personnel to timely determine the health of the column transformer, targeted, planned preventive maintenance, maintenance work, to ensure that the power supply facilities, reliable and safe operation.


Adopting Rexion AI edge computing cluster analysis technology, using digital maps to show the global sensorless monitoring of densely deployed devices.

Self-sleeping low-power year-round uninterrupted monitoring, optional uninterruptible power supply can be realized in the case of no network and no power 6H* continuous monitoring, channel recovery self-uploading

Port self-locking, with high security, effectively preventing external malicious network attacks

Infrared thermal imaging, visible light video dual-spectrum video monitoring, at a glance to grasp the status of the facility and maintenance work reality

Alarm temperature approaching and customized time interval temperature rise self-analysis alarm, early prevention and detection of monitoring facilities failure

Randomized port access to side data to ensure high reliability of data security

Historical photo data hierarchical query, visualization of fixed value setting, easy and intuitive operation

Real-time data interconnection between the mobile APP and the cloud, the side end of the all-in-one machine, operation and maintenance staff at any time to grasp the status of the jurisdiction of the facility

  • Self-organizing network deployment for edge computing cluster analysis

  • Self-sleeping low power consumption for year-round uninterrupted monitoring

  • Port self-locking for high security

  • Infrared light thermal imaging, visible light video dual-optical video surveillance

  • Self-analyzing alarm for temperature rise between zones

  • Automated photo archive analysis of critical events


Relying on the high sensitivity of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, it realizes real-time operating condition temperature collection and analysis of column transformers.

  • Thermal imaging, visible bispectral visualization

    The system provides O&M and managers with live thermal imaging and visible light video with temperature measurement data, and the status of on-post transformer facilities is clear at a glance.

  • 24H × 365 days year-round uninterrupted monitoring

    The system can realize low-power year-round uninterrupted on-column transformer on-line monitoring, monitoring data on the edge of the local analysis, no abnormal facilities since the dormant.


    The digitization of operating condition data of on-post transformers in wide-area distribution networks is achieved by cluster edge computing technology.

  • Digital display of operating conditions and temperature history

    The system provides O&M and managers with detailed data such as historical temperature data, charts, photos, etc. of column transformers under their jurisdiction. Time, day, month, year summarized display column transformer operating conditions of each time.

  • Cloud Edge Fusion Multi-Storage

    The system utilizes cluster edge computing technology to realize in-situ analysis and cloud convergence of temperature measurement data, which can realize low-power year-round uninterrupted real-time online monitoring of column-mounted transformers, edge storage of monitoring data, and self-sleeping of no abnormal facilities.


    Realization of full-domain situational awareness monitoring of thermal conditions of column-mounted transformers by combining digital twin technology and digital maps.

  • Self-localizing push for faulty pole-mounted transformers

    Digital operation and maintenance monitoring platform can automatically locate the installation position and display the live dual-light video on site when the column transformer fault occurs. One step straight to view the anomalies of the column transformer.

  • Digital Twin Multidimensional Health Diagnostics

    The system utilizes digital twin technology to realize multi-dimensional analysis, diagnosis and evaluation of the operational health status of column transformers. Convenient operation and maintenance management personnel to timely determine the health of the column transformer, targeted, planned preventive maintenance, maintenance work, to ensure that the power supply facilities, reliable and safe operation.

  • High-performance online monitoring

    Adopting the latest generation of uncooled infrared detectors, integrated with leading infrared image algorithms and temperature measurement algorithms, it brings high-resolution infrared heat distribution maps to easily capture small hotspot hazards.

  • 24-hour real-time

    Continuous monitoring, not affected by light, darkness, rain and other external conditions, to ensure that the monitoring platform and the mobile terminal system can monitor the safe operation of the column transformer in real time.

  • Visualize and measure temperature accurately

    Realize the full coverage of the heat monitoring area of the transformer on the distribution column, the temperature distribution is clear at a glance, and automatically capture the hottest point of the whole screen or area, and visually present the high temperature safety hidden danger points.

  • Early Hidden Danger Prediction

    The equipment temperature is collected at regular intervals, and the temperature change trend chart of the column transformer is drawn to analyze the operating status of the equipment, and the comprehensive safety inspection is carried out to achieve early discovery, early warning and early disposal.

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