RXE-601 series distribution automation station terminal

RXE-601 series power distribution automation station terminal (hereinafter referred to as station terminal) is a new generation of microcomputer-type power distribution automation station terminal integrating telemetry, telecommunication, remote control, protection and communication based on contemporary advanced digital signal processing technology and high-speed industrial network technology. It adopts modularized, expandable and low-power consumption design with high reliability and adaptability. It conforms to DL/T721-2013 standard. It is suitable for multi-circuit centralized monitoring and control applications such as power distribution room, ring network cabinet, opening and closing station, box-type substation, etc. It can cooperate with communication system to form all kinds of ring network and non-ring network distribution automation systems with channel mode, and cooperate with distribution electronic station and main station to realize distribution network automation functions such as operation status monitoring of distribution lines, fault identification, fault isolation and restoration of power supply to non-faulty areas.

Product Features

▪ Modular, scalable, low-power design with high reliability and

▪ Using dual power input and automatic switching, the system power supply and
battery backup power supply are combined. When the main power supply fails, the
backup power supply can be

▪ It can collect AC voltage and current in real time. Support over-limit
upload; can be equipped with over-current and overload protection functions as
needed, in case of failure

▪ With remote/local operation function, equipped with local/remote selection
switch, with hard platen and soft platen functions to prevent misoperation and

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