RXE301 Microcomputer comprehensive protection measurement and control device

RXE302 intelligent distributed device is mainly applicable to the protection, measurement and control of the interval unit of ring network cabinet of 10kV and below voltage level. It is equipped with perfect protection, measurement, control and communication monitoring functions, and cooperates with circuit breakers, load switches and other switches to provide protection for the lines of 10kV and below, and quickly resect and isolate the fault areas, so as to strongly guarantee the safe and stable operation of the distribution network system.

Product Features

▪ Three-phase three-stage definite-time overcurrent protection (instantaneous
quick-break, time-limited quick-break, definite-time overcurrent);

▪ Inverse time overcurrent protection, providing standard inverse time, very
inverse time, extreme inverse time optional

▪ Definite time negative sequence protection, selectable trip outlet or only
alarm signal

▪ Two-stage definite-time zero-sequence current protection, you can choose to
trip the outlet or only send an alarm signal


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