ZW32-12 Primary and secondary combined switch circuit breaker on column

  ZW32-12 outdoor column vacuum circuit breaker is a new generation of products developed by our company according to the new requirements of the State Grid for one and two times fusion complete sets of column switches into the network, the configuration of the switch is fully in line with the requirements of the State Grid for one and two times fusion, which is convenient for the State Grid to unify the procurement and batch production. The switch has a compact structure, reasonable layout, complete functions, and all the indexes are in line with the requirements of the State Grid's primary and secondary integration; it adopts the unified parameters of protection CT, zero sequence CT and zero sequence voltage sensor, which has a wide measuring range, high measuring accuracy and high reliability, and the analog quantities are complete to facilitate the accurate determination of various faults on the line.

  ZW32-12 switch body for the pillar type, the use of solid sealing vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, silicone rubber encapsulation (as insulation and buffer), small size, encapsulated in epoxy resin insulation cylinder, excellent anti-condensation performance, long working life, reliable performance. Its spring-operated mechanism has been miniaturized and optimized in design, and the reliability of its operation is much higher than that of the traditional spring mechanism in China. It meets the requirements of environmental protection: no oil and SF6 gas, high antifouling grade, beautiful, light and easy to transport. External 1 set of EVT, ECT (three-phase voltage and current, zero sequence voltage and current, for measurement, metering and protection). External 2 sets of electromagnetic single-phase power PT, 10/0.1/0.22kV.

Product Features

▪ The protection CT, zero-sequence CT and zero-sequence voltage sensor with
unified parameters have the characteristics of wide measurement range, high
measurement accuracy and high reliability

▪ Adopt solid sealed vacuum interrupter, encapsulated by silicone rubber (as
insulation and buffer)

▪ The spring operating mechanism has been miniaturized and performance
optimized, and its action reliability is much higher than that of the
traditional domestic spring mechanism.

▪ Meet environmental protection requirements: no oil and SF6 gas, high
anti-fouling grade, beautiful, light, easy to transport

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