RXE-IMIP100-C Residual Current Action Relay

Product Features

  In order to realize the fee-control function, the smart meter is specially
designed with a built-in load control switch, which is used to control and cut
off the main circuit at the end of electricity consumption. As the built-in load
switch is limited by the compact size of the meter itself, it can only use an
actuator with low on/off capability, and it is very easy to damage the smart
meter itself when switching off larger current loads. Once damaged, it is
necessary to replace the entire meter, resulting in power outages and the
consumption of manpower and material resources. Existing prepaid circuit
breakers on the market, due to wiring, networking is too complex and cumbersome,
when the user owes tripping or line fault tripping, need to be manually reset
manually on-site to continue to power supply, undoubtedly resulting in an
increase in the actual workload of the first-line electricians, so its
practicality is not high. RXE-IMIP-100C series of residual current action relay
to solve the problem of the current power supply system lines at the end.
RXE-IMIP-100C series residual current action relay solves the problem of The
load control, relay with leakage protection function and remote remote control
closing and opening of the gate is used in conjunction with smart meters, which
helps to further optimize the structure of the power grid, actively improve the
actual quality of power supply, and comprehensively enhance the level of power
supply services. The use of this smart terminal will bring great social and
economic benefits.

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