GCK series AC low voltage distribution cabinet

  GCK-type low-voltage withdrawable complete switchgear is mainly composed of power distribution center and motor control center and functional units. These units are installed in the closed metal cabinet in the order of the above and below, the upper part of the cabinet horizontal bus will be connected to the cabinet; unified cabinet side of the functional unit is connected in parallel to the vertical bus, the cabinet is divided into a horizontal bus area, the vertical bus area, cable area and equipment installation area, such as the four mutually isolated areas. Functional units in the equipment area were installed in the small room, when any one of the functional units in the event of an accident can quickly cut off the respective power supply (in order to replace the spare functional units), does not affect the normal work of other functional units, can prevent the expansion of the accident.

  This product is set up with a perfect and reliable grounding system and protection of electrical, all functional units are able to break the short-circuit current according to the specified performance. The incoming unit has a four-stage protection characteristic, so it can ensure the reliability of power supply and the safety of equipment and system.

Product Features

▪ Has a complete and reliable grounding system and protective electrical

▪ All functional units can break short-circuit current according to the
specified performance

▪ The incoming line unit has four-stage protection feature

▪ The cable area and the equipment installation area are isolated from each

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