General Manager of Zhuhai Fubon Logistics Co., Ltd, Mr. Qi Hongyang and his entourage visited us.


  On June 22, 2022, at the warm invitation of our company, Qi Hongyang, General Manager of Zhuhai Fubang Logistics Co., Ltd. and his entourage visited and exchanged ideas. Accompanied by Zheng Yanmin, General Manager of Ruixian, they visited the main production lines such as ring network cabinet workshop, high and low-voltage complete sets of workshop, and three-box workshop, etc. The customer focused on the newly launched "Digital Switchgear Wisdom Open Platform" of our company. Focused on visiting the company's newly launched "digital switchgear wisdom open platform", automation division director Liu Wenpeng gave customers a demonstration of the system platform has the functions and innovations; through this visit, the customer of our company's corporate culture, technological innovation, production capacity and so on to give a high degree of evaluation and full recognition.

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