The company's participation in the 2022 Power Distribution and True-Type Test Committee Annual Meeting and Power Distribution Equipment Intelligent Enhancement and Application Forum was a complete success.


  From February 23rd to 24th, 2023, the first batch of distribution network digital application products of the company's digital power industry department were exhibited at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Specialized Committee on Power Distribution and True Type Test and the Forum on Intelligent Enhancement and Application of Power Distribution Equipment. During the exhibition, RuiXiN on the column transformer dual-spectrum imaging auxiliary monitoring system and digital intelligent distribution room overall solution of the two platform products have gained a high degree of attention from the experts, grid enterprise users and enterprises in the same industry, stopped to watch the product introduction, listened to the company's marketing staff to explain. RuiXiN Electric digital power products gave a high evaluation and recognition, the company will follow up on the exhibition during the purchase of intentional customers to docking follow up, the company's best digital power products into the actual operation and maintenance of the grid management work, and effectively serve the user, to create the RuiXiN digital power enterprise business card.


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